Volunteering 义工服侍


Mailing of Magazines (杂志印刷品)

Help spread SIM news by slotting magazines for mailing. You can help get the news out by slotting in SIM magazines into envelopes and applying postage so our readers receive their magazines in a timely manner three times per year.


Booth Displays (事工展示摊位)

Talk with others about partnering with SIM. Engage with people about SIM and how they could be involved in our ministries at a booth or book table in your church or at other scheduled event.

您可以协助我们联系您的教会,安排 SIM 到教会摆设事工展示摊位;或是随同SIM到不同地方摆设摊位,协助售卖书籍或手工艺品、介绍SIM等,让更多弟兄姐妹认识我们的工作。

Helping in the office (办公室行政)

Assist the office staff with vital admin duties Assist staff with vital admin duties in the office as a key part of the support team.


Welcoming/Hosting missionaries(接待宣教士)

Encourage our workers by extending hospitality. Help to ferry missionaries from and to the airport, when they come by to Singapore. Invite missionaries into your home for fellowship, or bring them to visit the sights of Singapore, or to stay the few days they are in town, or take them out for a meal when they are home from the field, encouraging and providing for them as part of the body of Christ.


If you are interested in volunteering with us in any of the capacities above or in other ways, contact us at eastasia.info@sim.org 

如果您对以上任何一种义工服侍有兴趣,请电邮与我们联系: eastasia.info@sim.org