Important Announcement concerning SIM Indonesia


SIM East Asia has been serving in Indonesia for the past twenty years. In the earlier phase, SIM’s primary focus was on promoting mission vision and partnering with churches for participation in world missions through prayer, giving, preparation and the sending of missionaries overseas. We thank the Lord for the joy and privilege of serving alongside local Indonesian churches in cross-cultural missions. More recently, through the encouragement of our local church partners, SIM’s ministry was expanded when Indonesia was recognised as one of our fields and started receiving missionaries from different countries. Accordingly, a field council was set up three years ago to oversee the work in Indonesia as a receiving country. Subsequently, as SIM globally moved toward having only one council for each country, the sending and field councils were merged to oversee both functions.

Early in 2019, SIM’s leadership received a request from the current Indonesia Sending Council members of their desire to form a new mission agency for the purpose of sending workers to various Indonesian provinces. Following several months of consultation, it was clear that a new arrangement for ministry in Indonesia would be needed.

We were informed that the new agency to be formed would be named Suara Makedonia Indonesia (SMI) and the leadership will comprise of the following: Rev Grace Elim, Rev Paulus Daun, Rev. Imanuel Frengky, Ev Mulia Widjaya, Mr Amin, Mr Sinsin, and Mr Timothy Daun.

The above-named leaders who were serving on SIM’s Indonesia Sending Council would accordingly relinquish their roles in SIM.

SIM wishes God’s blessings on Suara Makedonia Indonesia (SMI). It is our prayer that this newly established agency will be mightily used by the Lord to fulfil His purpose. SIM also wishes to declare that the new mission agency is not part of SIM and neither the above-mentioned persons nor the new agency collectively shall represent SIM in any dealings.

Moving forward, SIM will continue to serve in Indonesia through our SIM Indonesia Council. This Council will oversee both the sending and field functions for Indonesia. It is our desire to strengthen the work in Indonesia as we continue to build on the foundations laid over the past years.

Kindly direct all enquiries and requests for clarifications to Dr Stanley Ling, Regional Director of SIM East Asia. Contact details are as follow:

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