Sowing Love, Reaping Souls for Christ

By Budin, Indonesia


Toraja is a mountainous area with limited access to vehicles. Majority of its population are professed Christians, who still hold to their local animist beliefs. Lack of economic and educational resources and opportunities is a major problem faced by many, especially the youth there. In collaboration with local churches, we started a Youth Dorm ministry in Toraja in 2014.

More than 30 youth have been ‘fostered’ and discipled through the Youth Dorm ministry. They are provided with formal education in school, while at the same time routinely guided to read the Bible in the morning and night time. They are also given opportunities to participate in different ministries in the local churches, including music and worship, Sunday school, choir, and conducting Sunday services.

Windi and Rosi are sisters who have been fostered at the Youth Dorm. Last year Windi finished high school and was accepted in a State University. Her younger sister Rosi, is currently completing her high school and has committed to continue in a Theology School.

9 of the alumni of the Youth Dorm, are continuing their education in various universities across the country. Another 2 are currently studying at Theology School and preparing to become God’s ministers in the future. 1, who is still in the final year of high school, has committed to continue her study at the Theology School next year.

Through this ministry, some families of the youth who lived with us at the Youth Dorm have received Jesus Christ, and are being discipled in the local Church in their village. Over the last few years Winnie and Rosi’s father have been attending church and becoming an active member.

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