Discipleship through Sharing Life

By Henry, Bolivia


There are many different styles and methods of doing discipleship. I find the personal approach to be most effective in my own experience. Let me briefly share with you an example.

I knew Roberto Baso since I first came to Bolivia. He was around 14 years old then. He worked as a helper in the truck that transported my vehicle and belongings across more than 1500 kilometres to my new mission station near the border with Argentina.

Years later, while riding a bicycle, he had an accident and was taken to the hospital unconscious. He regained consciousness and couldn´t remember anything except my name and phone number!

I went to the hospital as his guarantor and the doctors quickly wheeled him into the emergency room. Following the successful operation which saved his life, I invited him to accept Jesus. He surrendered his life to the Lord. About the same time, his wife also gave birth to a baby boy.

They moved to another part of the country and through the years I had opportunities to follow up with him. Now God is using Roberto to reach others and to bring many to His kingdom. Even though he is living in another part of the country, he keeps in touch with me on a regular basis to share about new and exciting things that God is doing!

Effective discipleship goes beyond a set and structured study program. It is sharing life, your life, with others. In this particular case, one of the key success factors in this discipling/mentoring process is empathy. The other person does not feel inferior, useless or rejected when you show love and compassion. Having said that, we must also realize and not forget that only God is capable of changing lives and we are only His vessels. To God be the glory!

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