Building Bridges for Evangelism in a Hostile Mission Field 在敌对的宣教工场 建立广传福音的桥梁

By Benson (SIM Trainer Consultant)

During the last two years, several nations suddenly shut their doors to evangelism and even imposed imprisonment for any conversion. Nevertheless, the churches must continue with her charge to preach the Gospel. Evangelism is an indispensable part of missions. It is the life-blood of the local church. Without evangelism, the local church will begin to decline and die.

How can the church in such countries evangelize? One way is to carry the cross and pay whatever price for evangelism. A while ago, two of my trainees were imprisoned for their Gospel outreach. It was their country-men who saw them as a threat and reported them to the authorities. I must commend these two church leaders for their courage to preach the Gospel in such a dangerous environment. Another way is to find approaches that can neutralize the hostility.

I met a church leader from a big church and suggested he tapped on the skills, gifts, talents of educated church members of the developed nations. Non-believers are naturally opposed to conversion, but most of them will welcome free and effective education for their children. I have personally witnessed the effectiveness of the Singapore diagramming approach for Mathematics. A teacher came for a Mathematics workshop and decided to test it on his class boy who always failed his Mathematics. The result was amazing. That boy did so well and he topped the class. During my training workshop for some 3rd world leaders, I playfully posed a Primary 3 Mathematics problem sum for them to solve. One of them, a mathematics teacher, took a few minutes to solve the problem. He told the class that this problem sum is taught at the Secondary school level. The leaders were shocked when they realize that it was taught at Primary 3 level in Singapore. There are many church members in Singapore who are competent to teach Singapore Mathematics in the mission fields. Churches in the mission fields can partner with Christians from Singapore to organize Mathematics camp for children during their school holidays. The effective ways of how to use the left and right brain, mind maps, and study smart are strategies we can use to help students perform better in school. These benefits will neutralize the hostility of the parents.

The teachers can let their love do the talking. Gospel truth can be communicated at strategic points in the lessons for the students to pick up. Our IT savvy youths can create a video and post it on Youtube on “How to receive Christ as my Savior?” and refer all the participants to the website. Developed World Churches must capitalize on their gifted members to partner with our brothers in the hostile mission field to develop creative and effective ways for evangelism.

Others can use their culinary skill to conduct cooking or baking classes. These will draw the adults or parents to attend. We have many great cooks and bakers in our churches. They too can use their skill to build bridges for evangelism.

在过去的两年里,有几个国家突然关上了福音的门,甚至对归信者都处以监禁。然而,各教会仍要遵照上帝的嘱咐 - 广传福音。传福音是这项大使命任务中不可缺少的一部分;它是延续本土教会命脉的钥匙。不能传福音,本土教会势将衰落和死亡。



因此,工场的本土教会可以和新加坡的基督徒合作,在学校假期为孩子们开办数学夏令营。在这些夏令营中可以教导如何有效地使用左右脑、思维导图法(Mind Maps)和聪明学习法等,这是一个我们可以帮助学生取得好成绩的有效策略,而这些策略所带来的优良效果将会消除父母对宗教信仰的敌意。



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