Grace Upon Grace: Remembering our beloved pioneer - Dr Andrew Ng Kang Chin 恩上加恩: 纪念SIM东亚区先锋 黄景青医生

By Mae Wong
Mae (黄景青医生传记作者)

7 Jan 2019: Andrew returned home to the Lord.  2019年1月7日:黄景青医生安息主怀。

7 Jan 2019: Andrew returned home to the Lord.

“The harvest is truly plenteous, but the labourers are few... . If He decides to choose and prepare you to be one of His labourers, will you say ‘Yes’ to Him?” This was the message and challenge that cut straight into the heart of an eleven-year-old boy one Sunday morning in 1958. Listening to the guest missionary preacher, Andrew Ng Kang Chin felt a strange stirring within his heart that compelled him to say ‘Yes’. His response would eventually lead him on a journey that would take years of preparation and training for the field but that would change his life forever. Two decades later, on 8th August 1978, Andrew and his wife, Belinda, flew to Niger, Africa in response to God’s call.

Although he responded to the call as a young boy, Andrew’s quest to serve God in Africa began in earnest only in 1965 when he was a medical student at the University of Singapore. He had learnt about SIM (Sudan Interior Mission then) and wrote to ask if it would accept Asians into what was predominantly a Western-dominated organisation. His letter subsequently set off a revolution in missions, blazing the path for other Asians to follow suit. The Koreans, Chinese, Filipinos, Indians, Japanese exploded into the mission field. From Africa to Asia, and from Asia to everywhere else, the mission scene changed and expanded resulting in the formation of SIM East Asia.

Once the Ngs were accepted by SIM, preparation went full swing. First, they had to learn French because Niger was a French-speaking country, and to communicate with the educated Nigerien, particularly government officials, they had to be adequately equipped. Andrew and Belinda spent nine months in Albertville, France learning the French language. Later, they also learnt Hausa, the heart language of the locals. Andrew served as a missionary doctor at Galmi Hospital in Niger while Belinda ministered mainly to the women and children in the community. During their stint, they witnessed the beginning of worship services in the village. A village health project linked to Galmi Hospital was also started to bring healthcare and the gospel to as many villages as possible.

National service requirements for their two sons, Nathaniel and Joel, finally brought them home to Singapore end of 1989. They had, by then, served 12 years in Niger. The couple did not retire from mission service upon their return home. From 1 January 1990 – October 2005, Andrew served as the Regional Director of SIM East Asia, and Belinda, the SIM Personnel Director, as well as the Communication Coordinator. But the couple never forgot Galmi and its people who occupied a large space in their hearts. Andrew continued to make annual trips to Galmi Hospital to provide medical help right up to the time he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

In 2006 Andrew served as the Deputy International Director (responsible for Asia Pacific). Following the completion of his 5-year term, he continued to serve actively as Mission Consultant, mentoring missionaries and helping to pioneer new fields in creative access countries in Asia. On 7 January 2019, Andrew r eturned home to be with the Lord. From the time he made his way to Africa to the time of his demise, he had touched many lives and inspired many to follow in his footsteps. His life is a story of God’s grace upon grace, as we witnessed firsthand how God sustained his family and granted them the courage to make inroads with the gospel in a relatively hostile environment.

       “庄稼确实已经熟了,但收割的工人极少 … 如果祂定意要让你成为祂的工人,你敢不敢说你愿意呢?”1958年,一个主日的早晨,这个信息和挑战直击一个十一岁男孩的心。听着宣教士的证道分享,小男孩的内心有一种奇秒的激动,他不得不回答说:“主啊我在这里!”这个小男孩的回应最终带领他踏上了一段需要多年准备和训练的旅程,但这将改变他往后的整个人生。二十年后的1978年8月8日,黄景青医生和他的妻子林珍珠宣教士,回应神的呼召,飞往非洲的尼日尔。

       虽然黄医生在还是小男孩的时候就回应了神的呼召,但他远赴非洲服事神,是到1965年才真正开始的。那时候,他还是新加坡国立大学的一名医科学生。他在了解了SIM差会的工作之后,就写信给澳洲的SIM询问是否接受亚洲人加入这个主要由西方主导的差会。他的信随后引发了一场宣教革命!为其他亚洲国家竞相效仿,开辟了一条前所未有的通路。无论是韩国人、华人、菲律宾人、印度人 、 日本人,开始大量的走出去,加入宣教士的行列。从非洲到亚洲,从亚洲再到其他地方,宣教禾场的工人们的身份、背景、国籍开始了巨大的变化与扩张,渐渐地形成了今日的SIM东亚区差会。






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