Reflections of a Missionary from SIM East Asia 来自东亚区先锋宣教士之分享

(Abstracted from video testimony of Dr Andrew & Belinda Ng)


“Have the courage to respond to the Lord and say to the Lord “If you will prepare me, I’ll be ready to go.” Then serve the Lord with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength and with all your mind. ... God, if you really want me, you choose me, you prepare me …”

God’s providence seen in the calling of His people at a young age, and when they respond in obedience, preparing them over the years till they are ready

“… we felt we should be a mission minded church. And we even had the audacity to say that one week of our monthly offering should go to missions. …”

Daring to dream big and trusting God to provide through His people in order to fulfil God’s call to mission and the support of visionary leaders in putting aside resources to make it come true.

“... Pastor encouraged me to write my first letter to SIM to enquire ... and that’s how my journey began ...”

Leaders who help kickstart the process and encourage the individual to take concrete step to get things moving.

Andrew was then mentored by SIM in the ensuing years ...

The sensitivity and wisdom of leaders to accept someone responding in obedience to God’s call and the willingness to lead, guide and mentor someone through the journey of ratifying God’s call and getting them ready to go.

There was a wrestle within her heart. In the end, she surrendered her all to the Lord. Immediately, God gave her a deep sense of peace ...

Giving the needed peace and assurance to trust that God is the one leading the way

“... Yet through Andrew’s sickness, we’ve experienced the love of the body of Christ. … We know that this is God’s provision, learning to be care receiver rather than care giver …”

Support of the church extended not only in good times, but also in bad, so that the missionary and his family can feel the love, concern and care expressed by the church family

“... learnt to trust God with their children too... sending their children to boarding school was a challenging time … boarding school was 1000 Km away … God provided a couple to be guardians in amazing ways. … the boys grew up happy and well adjusted...”

An extended family helping to care for the children of missionaries so that they are not at risk of feeling neglected and rejected because of their parents’ absence due to their service to the Lord

“Mission is really an unfinishable task until the Lord returns. So every generation will have to reach their own generation … so while we are still strong and healthy and able, we should go all out and do even the tough jobs that are still available all over the world … have the courage to give your all to the Lord. Seek his perfect will for your life and know that because God is with you, you will never fail … Life is just a short-term service for our God.”
















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