Stories from Beyond (Niger) 来自远方的故事(尼日尔)


Statements that begin with "Stories from Beyond..." may sound a little eerie...but that is exactly what life beyond the borders may look like for our workers in the fields! We hope that through these snippets extracted from their prayer letters, you will get a glimpse into their lives, understand their circumstances a little more, and pray for them more meaningfully.

From The Chows
The tetanus boy has become a ‘real’ Yahaya, follower of Jesus Christ!

Received night call for tetanus anti-toxin.

Went to see the patient, who was in an isolated and dark room to help with his condition. He was with his father and uncle, who were sitting behind him and supporting him. Saw the name on the chart - Yahaya (John in Hausa), 20 years old; I asked the father “Are you a Christian?”


“Why is he called Yahaya? That is a Christian name”

“Actually his name is R____. But when they registered him, somehow they heard wrongly and wrote Yahaya…”

“Yahaya is a very special name, he was a friend and disciple of Yesu Almasihu (Jesus Christ)”

That was how we started the conversation.

Yahaya had gone to Ghana to look for work. Somehow he got an injury that led to tetanus. He’d received some sort of treatment somewhere, but when the condition grew worse, they decided to bring him to Galmi.

“Why come to Galmi?” I asked.

“We only trust Galmi now”

This brought a lump to my throat, and I saw more clearly the despair in the father’s eyes.

“We will do our best. Galmi is different from other hospitals because we pray in the name of Jesus Christ for you. Do you mind if I pray?”

“Please, pray for him!”

But just as I was starting, Yahaya began to have a severe bout of painful muscle spasm and he was gasping “help… my neck… help… my legs.”. I said a quick prayer and went to look for his doctor.

Over the next few days, Yahaya’s medications kept being adjusted upwards as his spasms continued. Our doctors and nurses would pray with and for them when they did the daily rounds.

Week two, doses were still increasing, but he’d been switched from injection to oral tablets (more than 30 tablets each time).

The Ramadan fasting month had begun. Yahaya’s dose was still being increased, but one day as I was praying, there was an immense peace about his situation. When I went to visit him, he said, “Sister! I want to go home!” I told him that we were praying for him and I had a lot of peace that he would be alright (even though his dose was still being increased!).

I gave him the SD card from my cellphone, containing the Bible in Hausa, Bible stories, various testimonies and videos for discipleship.

Two days later, when I went to the ward to review the medication charts, I couldn’t find Yahaya’s. The nurse said, “Oh it’s with the doctor. He’s writing the discharge medications.” Praise and thanks be to God! When I visited him, his father said he had managed to put the SD card into his own cellphone and it worked, and they had been listening, reading and watching the materials on their cellphone. I again asked that he show it to Yahaya when he’s fully recovered, as he may want to become a follower of Jesus. To my surprise and joy, the father said, “Don’t need to wait. We have all received Jesus already, we are followers already.” The father’s eyes were smiling. Yahaya too flashed me a bright smile, and the uncle nodded his head. The hospital evangelist had visited, shared and prayed with them, and they had made the decision to become Christians!

他成了真正的 Yahaya – 耶稣基督的跟随者!






“那为什么会取名 Yahaya?这是一个基督教的名字。”

“其实他的名字是R____。但是在注册的时候他们听错了,写成了 Yahaya...”

“原来如此,Yahaya 是一个很特别的名字,他是 Yesu Almasiha(耶稣基督)的朋友和门徒。”




      “我们现在只能相信你们的医院了。” 听见这话,看见这位父亲眼中的绝望,让我感到哽咽。




      在接下来的几天,Yahaya 的药物治疗随着他痉挛的持续而不断做调整。我们的医生和护士在每天巡视时都会为他们祷告。

      斋戒月开始了。Yahaya 的药物用量还在增加,情况让人担忧。但是有一天,当我在为他迫切祷告时,我却感到前所未有的平静。我去探访他时,他说:“医生,我想回家!”于是我告诉他,我们都在迫切为他祷告,而且我感到从神来的平安,他会没事的(尽管他的药量还在增加)!


      两天后,当我去病房检查药物用量记录时,我找不到 Yahaya 的档案了。护士说:“哦,在医生那边,医生正在写他出院后要服用的药单。”感谢主!Yahaya 可以出院了!

      我去 Yahaya 家中探访,他的父亲说他们已经成功收看到手机晶片里的福音信息了。我再一次请求他的父亲等 Yahaya 完全康复后,给他看看这些信息,因为他或许想要成为耶稣的跟随者。没想到 Yahaya 的父亲眼中闪烁着亮光,很兴奋的说:“不用再等了!我们全部人都决定接受耶稣了!我们已经是耶稣的跟随者了!” Yahaya 也给我一个灿烂的笑容,他的叔叔也赞同地点了点头。之后,医院的传道人开始拜访他们,分享福音并为他们祷告。

      于是,Yahaya 成了真正的 Yahaya–耶稣基督的跟随者!


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