Stories from Beyond来自远方的故事


Statements that begin with "Stories from Beyond..." may sound a little eerie...but that is exactly what life beyond the borders may look like for our workers in the fields! We hope that through these snippets extracted from their letters, you will start to get a glimpse into their lives, understand their circumstances a little more, and pray for them more meaningfully.
           来自远方的故事或许充满了各种意料之外和忐忑不安... 但正是我们生活在世界各地的同工们,在那片土地上最真实的日常写照。我们希望透过他们来信的摘录片段,让你开始了解他们的生活和实况,并为他们做更切实的祷告。

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From Eugene (Africa) 
Our family was supporting a young man called Vuyani to learn to play the drums, with the hope of equipping him to be part of the church worship team. One afternoon, Vuyani’s mother called to say that Vuyani was missing and not able to come for class. She did not know what had happened.

On the following Monday Vuyani’s mother received a notice to identify a corpse. It was indeed shocking and sad to hear how the events unfolded. Vuyani and three friends went out in a van at night. Two of his friends had planned to steal a cow, but Vuyani did not want to take part in it. Unable to walk home in the middle of the night he and another friend, who also did not want to be involved in stealing the cow, fell asleep inside the van. At about 4:30 in the morning, the cow owner and people in the village started looking for the cow. They found the van, which looked like the one used for transporting the cow, with the two of them sleeping inside. Near the van was a carcass of a cow. In anger, without uttering any words, they beat up the two men, tied them up in the van and set the van on fire. This was a commonly-used punishment by the people in the village. Two lives were lost just because of one cow!


      我们家一直在支持和鼓励一名叫 Vuyani 的年轻人学习打鼓,希望他能成为教会敬拜团的一员。一天下午,他的母亲打电话来说 Vuyani 失踪了,不能来上课。她完全不知道儿子去了哪儿发生了什么事 ?  

      在接下来的星期一,Vuyani 的母亲收到了要求她前去认尸的通知。当我们了解事情发生的经过时,实在是太令人震惊和悲痛了!  

       某个晚上,Vuyani 和三个朋友开着小货车出去。 他的两个朋友计划去偷牛,但 Vuyani 不想参与其中。由于时至深夜,他和另一个不想偷牛的朋友无法走路回家,只能在那辆小货车里睡觉。到了凌晨四点半左右,牛只的主人和村里的人开始寻找失踪的牛;他们看到了那辆小货车,觉得就像是偷牛人使用的车子。此时 Vuyani 和朋友正睡在货车里,而车旁有一头母牛的尸体。牛主人和村民怒气冲冲,一句话也没说,直接把两人痛打一顿,再把他们绑在车上并放火烧车!  


      请为 Vuyani 的家人(妈妈和妹妹们)祷告,求主安慰失去儿子和哥哥的伤痛。 

(最右图:育靖夫妇与 Vuyani 两年前的合照)


Machanics trying to start the car  修车师傅在努力修车中

Machanics trying to start the car


From Rev Sia (South Africa)
“Pastor, the workers are on strike, better not go out today!” Unfortunately I did not heed the advice. Even though I did not encounter the rioting crowd, my car was stolen! And it is the second time this has happened! Seven years ago, it happened at the same place and time. Amazingly, the outcome was the same too! My car was found again. God has kept the
thief from driving away my precious old Saab. After several failed attempts to start the car, out of spite, the thief wrecked it. Last time, the repair cost me 10,000 rand (about USD$800), hopefully it will be cheaper this time? Alas, that’s the consequence of a pastor’s disobedience …




      上回修了一万多兰特币,这次,应该比较便宜吧 ? 


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