Striving and thriving
as we serve to fulfil the mission mandate

by Dr David LT Yap  叶立忠博士
( Deputy Chairman of SIMEA Board and Council
SIM 东亚区董事会及理事会副主席)

Dr Davide Yap was Chairman of SIMEA Board and Council from 2005 to 2017.
He is also the current Chairman of the Finance, Investment and Admin Committee.
叶立忠博士也是 SIM 东亚区 2005 年至 2017 年之董事会及理事会主席,及现任财务、投资和行政委员会主席。


The recent highly publicised Trump-Kim Summit held in Singapore on 12 June 2018 brought attention to the fast-changing landscape in our world today.  Political and business interactions bring change – economies are opened up and new trade barriers are erected as well. At the same time we witness an era of unprecedented people movements across the globe — for education, work or migration.  


For us serving in missions, we observed that some formerly difficult-to-access places have now become more open. Conversely, some fields are now more difficult to enter. In the face of these changes, we hold firmly to the Lord’s clear mandate to His church to “go and make disciples of all nations.” (Matthew 28:18-20) 


Striving forward, we maintain  our focus on the goal set before us. There will be opportunities as well as challenges. Running this race, we recognize the importance of thriving. In this regard, we pay close attention to the spiritual health and growth of all our team members. 


It has been a joy for SIM to partner with churches in the sending of missionaries around the world. Over the past four decades, the Lord has raised up many churches and individuals in Asia to join in this ministry.  Frank and Ada Tuan, sent out from Taiwan, have served in South Africa for almost 30 years. They testify of the Lord’s sufficiency as they experience the joys of striving and thriving in ministry. There are also many others whose testimonies speak of how they have journeyed and flourished under God’s grace. 


To adjust to the global realities we face today, we have refined our organisational structure, to better facilitate coverage of our operations. Diane Marshall, our Global Director for Regional Development, shares with us the purpose for the changes being implemented and what it will look like in practice. 


At the East Asian leadership level, we are currently embarking on a search for a successor to fill the Regional Director position when Stanley Ling completes his term in March 2021. We have been blessed with godly leadership over the past 38 years since SIM East Asia’s official inception. Andrew and Belinda Ng were our first Asian missionaries, sent out to serve in Niger in 1975. Following their return in 1990, Andrew assumed leadership responsibilities in this region. The Lord was pleased to grant the growth.  With Andrew’s move to assume leadership responsibilities in the International office in 2006, the baton was passed on to Stanley Ling. We praise God that under Stanley’s watch, East Asia’s ministry continued to thrive. By 2021 Stanley would have helmed East Asia for 15 years. We value leadership succession planning and are carefully preparing  for the baton to be passed on. We seek the Lord’s guidance and provision of a person of His choice to lead SIM East Asia forward. Just as Moses prayed for the Lord’s wisdom to identify the person of His choice (as recorded in Numbers 27:15-23), we invite you to join us in prayer on this matter. 


We thank the Lord for the privilege of serving in His glorious mission. Amidst the fast-paced changes in the global landscape, the mission remains the same. We therefore strive to fulfil the mission mandate, fully relying on Him to effect growth and to flourish in the midst of all circumstances. We are inspired by Jesus’ statement that “this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” (Matthew 24:14. ESV). May He find us faithful.

         今年六月十二日在新加坡举行的特朗普与金正恩见面会, 其铺天盖地的报道,促使我们注意到当今世界变化之快速,实在令人难以想象。政治和商业之互动会带来改变–无论在经济方面还是在社会方面。与此同时,我们也见证了全球前所未有的人口流动时代 – 因为教育、工作或移民等各种原因。 
         因此,在竭力向前的时候,我们也不忘将重点继续锁定在我们眼前的目标;这是一个重要的机会,虽然我们也充分意识到必将面临许多挑战。在这场竞赛中,我们确实认识到蓬勃发展的重要性, 因此,我们需要密切关注我们团队成员的灵命健康和成长。
          SIM 在差派宣教士到世界各地时,能与教会合作是一件令人鼓舞的事。在过去近四十年里,主耶稣已经在亚洲栽培了许多教会和个人加入这个事工。 SIM 从台湾差派的段忠义牧师和徐美湄师母,在过去近三十年一直在南非服侍,当他们体验到在事工中竭力服侍与蓬勃昌盛的喜乐时,他们就见证了主恩够用;还有许多其他人的见证也说明他们如何在上帝的恩典中迈开步伐并继续伸展。 
          另一方面,为了适应我们现今面临的全球变化,我们已经对 SIM 的组织架构加以修改,以便更好地促进我们的服侍领域。我们的全球区域发展总监马狄安博士也在今期杂志中,与大家分享了实施变革的目的以及实践中的变化。 
          在东亚区的领导层,我们目前正着手寻找东亚区总主任的接棒人,以填补现任总主任林厚彰博士将于 2021 年三月份卸任后的空缺。我们十分重视领导层之传承计划,自 SIM 东亚区正式成立以来,过去三十八年我们一直领受着被神拣选的敬虔爱主的领袖的祝福, 包括我们的第一对亚洲宣教士黄景青医生和太太林珍珠, 他们在 1975 年被差派到尼日尔服侍 ;1990 年任期结束回来新加坡之后,黄医生就担任这个地区的领导职务,我们的主喜悦并赐福这个地区的发展。 
          随着黄医生在 2006 年转任 SIM 国际副总主任之后, 接力棒就交给了林厚彰博士。 我们感谢赞美主,在林博士的带领下,东亚区的事工继续蓬勃发展;到了 2021 年,林博士领导东亚区办事处将任满十五个年头了,我们十分重视领导层的传承计划,所以现在正认真地准备招聘,好让接力棒能顺利的传递下去。我们祈求主的引导和祂所拣选的人选,带领 SIM 东亚区进入另一个新阶段。这就如摩西祈求耶和华的智慧来识别祂所领来的人一样(民数记 27:15-23),我们邀请所有和我们共同走在宣教使命中的家人朋友,加入我们这个重要的祷告行列。 
          我们感谢主赐下的宣教特权, 在全球环境迅速变化的节奏中,我们的服侍心志依然保持不变。 因此,在我们努力完成主所交付的使命时,无论在任何环境下,我们也仍然全心依靠祂来促使祂自己的国度得到成长。 请您在祷告中纪念我们。 
           耶稣的宣告深深地鼓舞着我们,祂说:“这天国的福音要传遍天下,对万民作见证, 然后末期才来到(马太福音 24:14) 。”  愿主保守我们忠心不变。 
SIM East Asia