Stories from Beyond

 Statements that begin with "Stories from Beyond..." may sound a little eerie...but that is exactly what life beyond the borders may look like for our workers in the fields! We hope that through these snippets extracted from their letters, you will start to get a glimpse into their lives, understand their circumstances a little more, and pray for them more meaningfully.
来自远方的故事或许充满了各种意料之外和令人忐忑不安... 但正是我们生活在世界各地的同工们,在那片土地上最真实的日常写照。我们希望透过他们来信的摘录片段,让你开始了解他们的生活和实况,并为他们做更切实的祷告。

Read about D’s ‘visitors from beyond’ as she serves in Ghana, extracted from her newsletter dated Jul 2017

Late one night, I heard a THUMP-THUMP-THUMP! Wondering what it could be, I turned on my light and saw a big frog in my room. I screamed, calling S to come to my room. She came and to my surprise she took the frog so easily and put it outside. I was terrified, and the really awful part was that more frogs kept coming up through my toilet, but S was away then and I was all alone. Eventually the plumber came and fixed the pipe so that the frogs can’t come anymore. PRAISE THE LORD!!!


God is a God of miracles. Even out of a shocking and disheartening situation, He brings comfort and a testimony of His love and presence ... from R & P in Thailand (Jan 2018)
我们的神是创造奇迹的神!即使在令人震惊和沮丧的情况下,祂仍然带来安慰且彰显祂的爱和同在… 来自泰国的R和P(2018年1月)

First Christian Funeral

Although a few of our members have gone to be with the Lord, they had all been given Buddhist funerals, in accordance with the wishes of their families. A week ago, the grandson of a church member passed away unexpectedly. Although the grandson was not a Christian, all his family – his mother, aunts and grandparents – are Christians. Because of that the village headman did not allow them to have a Buddhist funeral for the grandson. So, for the first time in our Church, we had a Christian funeral, in one of the buildings at a Temple. Funerals are usually very big and pompous. In comparison, our Christian funeral was small, with only our family and the church present. But God sent many Christians, including missionaries and local pastors, to support us at the funeral.


Sometimes, forces from beyond are almost too much for us to bear, but God is always our help in times of need. Read about A & S’s reflections on the challenges faced on the field in Bolivia from 2015 to 2017

Much has happened in the last 3 years

  • God gave us Joshua, our little son who was born here in Bolivia. Almost 2 years later, God gave us Joshua again - this time, back from near death*.
  • God has also blessed us with local friends who treated us like family ... journeying through the Andes mountains for 10 hours on a bus just to be ther e in time for our baby’s birthday, flying over to other cities just to be with us in our times of despair, staying overnight with us just to pray with us - these and many more.
  • We were robbed, but we have been blessed by the people who gave us a televisi on, stove and oven, carpets, pots, pans and other kitchen necessities. Even fish for lunch from a woman from whom we did not buy anything.
  • I grieved my father’s death from a distance when he died 2 years back, but God gave us an adopted Bolivian mother.

Despite complications and intermittent times of despair, God’s grace which has been so marvelously manifested, overshadowed them all.

*Joshua was diagnosed with pneumonia, hepatitis C and acute liver failure. After spending five days in the ICU in a hospital in Santa Cruz, he woke up and his condition turned around.

  • 约书亚是上帝赐给我们在玻利维亚出生的小儿子。两年之后,上帝又“再一次”把约书亚赐给我们——这一次,他从死亡的边缘回到我们身边*。
  • 上帝赐给我们很多当地的朋友,他们待我们如同家人一般。有人不辞劳苦乘坐巴士在安第斯山脉上行驶十个小时,只为了能赶在我们宝宝生日那天准时抵达;也有人愿意特地从另一个城市搭乘飞机来到我们身边,在我们感到绝望时与我们在一起,陪我们过夜,只为了能和我们一起祷告。
  • 我们被抢劫了,但是我们得到了许多来自那些送给我们电视机、炉子、烤炉、地毯、锅碗瓢盆和其他厨房必需品的人们的祝福;甚至我们也从一位从来没有跟她买过东西的女人那里,得到了一条免费的鱼做我们的午餐。
  • 我父亲去世两年后,我仍然为着他的离世感到悲痛。感谢主赐给我们一位玻利维亚籍的义母,让我深得安慰。


* 约书亚被诊断患上肺炎、丙型肝炎和急性肝功能衰竭,性命垂危。在玻利维亚的圣克鲁兹医院加护病房住了五天后,奇迹般苏醒并复原。

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