125th Anniversary

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The year 2018 will mark SIM’s 125th year of ministry. Starting with the launch of Soudan Interior Ministry in Nigeria in 1893, we have grown into a global mission agency now known as Serving in Mission. Today, SIM is much more than three men, but our vision remains the same, believing God ‘has called us to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in communities where He is least known.’

The theme for the year is based on 2 Corinthians 5:14-15: “For the love of Christ compels us”.  How will the love of Christ compel you?

Keep a date with us and find out more of how the love of Christ compels His people to cross cultures and geographical boundaries to minister to the least reached across the continents.

Join us in celebrating the 125th Anniversary of SIM in Singapore in November 2018.

2018年是 SIM 国际成立 125 周年的重要里程碑。1893年,由三个人创办的苏丹内地会于非洲的尼日利亚开始工作,现在我们已经发展成为一个全球性的宣教机构。今天,SIM 的规模远远超过当年的三人团队,但我们的愿景仍然是一样的 - 我们相信上帝'呼召我们,在极少听闻福音的社群中传扬福音并培育主耶稣的门徒。

今年我们的服侍主题是哥林多后书 5:14-15 :“原来基督的爱激励我们。” 亲爱的弟兄姐妹,基督的爱又是如何激励你呢?


欢迎你预留时间(11月)与我们一起在新加坡欢庆 SIM 国际的 125 周年感恩庆典.

SIM East Asia