Senior Accounts Assistant 诚征财务助理

Role 角色

Assist the Finance & Admin Director, and/or Finance Manager in the areas of accounting


Key Responsibilities 主要职务

  • Assist in the book-keeping of accounts in particular, receipt and payment (协助财务簿记工作,如汇款记录和费用支付)

  • Prepare bank reconciliations (预备银行对账单)

  • Manage petty cash and claims (管理零用现金和请款)

  • Maintain daily cash flow and bank balances (管理每日现金流动和银行余额)

General Requirements 一般要求

  • Singapore Citizen or PR (新加坡公民或永久居民)

  • Diploma in Accounting with minimum 2-3 years relevant working experience (会计专业毕业,至少 2 至 3 年相关工作经验)

  • Pleasant disposition, good communication and people skills (性格开朗,善于沟通,乐于与人相处)

  • Proficient in MS office (熟悉 MS office 办公软件)

If you have a calling to this important work, please email your full resume including qualifications and work experience to: