Administrative Assistant 行政助理

Role 角色

Assist the SIM East Asia Operations Manager on a contract-basis, in the general administration of the office and maintenance of the Mission Home 协助东亚区办事处之总务处经理,处理办公室日常行政事务与招待所宿舍之整洁工作。

Key Responsibilities 主要职务

* Carry out simple upkeep and maintenance of Mission Home and office facilities as well as ensuring the cleanliness and tidiness of the Mission Home and office 对招待所宿舍和办公室内部设施进行简单的维护和管理,确保招待所宿舍和办公室之整洁。

* Answer phone calls 接听电话

* Handle incoming and outgoing mails, including bulk mailing 接收和回复电邮, 包括批量邮寄

* Carry out work relating to the bank 处理与银行有关之事务

General Requirements 一般要求

* Singapore Citizen or PR 新加坡人或永久居民

* GCE ‘O’ Level Certificate with minimum 1-2 years relevant working experience 新加坡剑桥O水准文凭,及至少一至两年工作经验

* Possesses pleasant disposition, good communication and people skills 性格开朗积极,具有良好的沟通能力及人际交往能力

* Proficient in MS office 熟悉微软办公软件

* A Class 3 driving license is an added advantage 持有三级驾照为佳

If you have a calling to this important work, please email your full resume including qualifications and work experience to: