Homegoing of Dr Andrew Ng 黄景青医生荣返天家

On 7 Jan 2019, our East Asia pioneer missionary Dr Andrew Ng was called home to the Lord. We are greatly sadden by the loss of our beloved brother who has served the Lord faithfully in SIM for over 40 years.

He will be dearly missed and fondly remembered by SIM and his family (Spouse: Belinda Ng: Sons: Nathaniel & Joel Ng: Daughters-in-law: Charmaine Woo & Bernadette Iyodu; Grand-daughters: Janna Ng, Simone Amina Ng, Estelle Ng & Corinne Adeke Ng).

Wake is held at Bartley Christian Church, John Willis Hall, Level 2, 4 How Sun Drive, Singapore 538526. Nightly service will be held at 8 pm from 9 to 11 Jan 2019. Cortege leaves on Saturday, 12 Jan, at 10.45 am for Mandai Crematorium Hall 1.


         黄医生乃SIM国际事工差会东亚区宣教先锋,忠心事主四十多年。在家庭中他是一位好丈夫、好父亲与慈祥的祖父。黄医生在世寄居七十一载,所行所言皆成为众人美好榜样,永被SIM全体同工与家人(妻子:黄林珍珠;儿子:黄光正,黄光荣;儿媳:胡美凤,Bernadette Iyodu;孙女:黄智欣,黄信恩,黄双渏和黄双琦)深念于心。

         谨定于2019年1月9日(星期三)至11日(星期五)晚上8点,假巴特礼基督教会之John Willis Hall 二楼(4, How Sun Drive, Singapore 538526)举行追思礼拜。1月12日(星期六)上午10点45分从巴特礼基督教会出殡,移柩至万里火化场第一大厅,于11点25分火化。

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