SIM East Asia Regional Director诚征东亚区总主任

The term of the current Regional Director will be ending on 30 March 2021. To facilitate a smooth handover, we are seeking a suitable candidate to shadow and be mentored for the Regional Director position. Do you sense God’s call to lead this team of leaders and ministry workers to fulfill God’s mission for SIM?

Reporting to the Global Director of Regional Development (GDRD), and accountable to the SIM East Asia Council and Board, the Regional Director serves as a catalyst, a facilitator, a networker and a coordinator to extend and enhance the ministries of the constituent countries and country leaders under his/her charge. The Regional Director will:

  • Give appropriate time and energy to supporting Country Directors and strategic ministry development in the region

  • Disciple and mentor mission leaders in the region

  • Encourage effective ministry responses to current realities in the region

  • Stimulate and develop effective ministry capacity and partnerships in the region to fulfil the mission of SIM

  • Serve as a full member of the International Leadership Team (ILT), and advise the GDRD and the ID accordingly

The prospective candidate is expected to have a strong commitment to biblical truth, a growing faith and integrity, a servant leader able to effectively interact and engage across cultural boundaries, a proven leader willing to make tough decision, and a learner able to preach well and teach especially in the area related to missions. Competency in English and one other language spoken in the region is required to help build synergistic relationships and partnerships within the region.

Please contact Dr Stanley Ling, Regional Director of SIM East Asia, at if you wish to explore further. Applications should be sent to the Selection Committee via

SIM 东亚区总主任的任期将于 2021 年 3 月 30 日结束,现诚征有意在宣教领域履行主耶稣 大使命的弟兄姐妹加入我们的团队。总主任的角色是为一名促进者、联系者和协调者,扩展和 增强所管辖的国家团队和领袖团队的所有事工。

东亚区总主任必须向全球区域发展总监 (Global Director of Regional Development) 报告,并向 SIM 东亚区董事会和理事会负责。此总主任还必须:

  • 支持东亚区各国家主任和策略事工的发展

  • 培训和督导东亚区之宣教领袖

  • 鼓励各事工对东亚区当前的现实境况作出适当的回应

  • 促进和发展东亚区内有效率的事奉能力和伙伴关系

  • 担任国际领袖团队的成员,为全球区域发展总监和国际总主任提供咨询服务

此职务之应聘者必须有完整的圣经真理知识、坚定的心志和灵命、仆人般的领袖特质,能够 有效地跨越跨文化的服侍障碍,并且能够在与事工相关的领域里进行良好的宣传和教育。此职 务要求英语及其他另一语言的沟通能力,以协助在此地区与教会或其他组织机构建立合作及伙 伴关系。