10 Days of Prayer 2018

This year, our '10 Days of Prayer' focus on time for examining ourselves, reflecting on God’s Word, and seeking Him for revival of heart. “JOY” is our biblical focus this year. We invite you to join us in this time of prayer. Do this in pairs, small groups, or large gatherings to encounter God together and invite His Spirit to work amongst us.

今年,我们的 “十日祷告历程” 将专注于审视我们自己,并反思上帝的话语,寻求祂更新我们的灵。今年的圣经焦点是【欢乐】,我们鼓励你和朋友一起藉着这个【十日祷告历程】遇见神,经历神同在的欢乐并邀请祂的灵在我们当中工作!