How your Donation supports our Ministry

1. Donations specifically to support a missionary (给指定宣教士的奉献)

These funds are channeled to the specified missionary. The support of a missionary is apportioned to 3 different accounts:

  1. Personal support/allowances 其支持费或津贴
  2. Ministry expenses 其事工日常经费
  3. Gifts for personal use only 其个人所需之生活费

2. Love gifts to SIM office(给办事处的爱心奉献)

These gifts will be used primarily to meet the operational/administrative needs of the SIM East Asia office.  As determined by the Regional Director, these gifts may also be redirected to meet the needs of any other ministry that is in grave need of financial support.

Office operational/administrative expenses are incurred in the provision of support services, member-care and other mission related services. These expenses can be broadly classified into two categories:

  1. manpower cost and administration, and 人力资源成本和行政管理
  2. promotion and development. 推广和发展

Over 40% of our “staff” are fully or partially supported home-based missionaries. These are mainly the senior staff of SIM East Asia. The others are employed staff. All staff serve sacrificially, accepting their service as a ministry, and willingly accept lower than market rate allowances or salary. Staff also assume multiples roles to keep administration, promotion and development cost low.
SIM 有超过百分之四十的 “职员” 属于全额支持或部分支持之在家宣教士。这些职员主要是东亚区之高层(资深)同工,其他是受聘同工。所有同工都把这里的工作视为一种服侍,并且愿意接受低于劳动市场的津贴或薪资;同工们还同时承担多个工作角色,以维持管理、宣传和开发方面之低成本营运。

3. Honorarium given to SIM speakers(给SIM讲员的车马费奉献)

Usually the money will be channeled to SIM EA as an administration gift or allocated to the ministry fund of the missionary for his or her ministry use.

4. Money to support a project(给指定事工项目的奉献)

The total amount less 11% will be channeled to the project. It is SIM policy that the receiving office receives a fee for administering the cross-border transfer of Project funds.
按照 SIM 政策的规定,我们会扣除此项指定奉献总金额的百分之十一,用于处理该事工项目之跨境行政服务费。

5. Unspecified Donations(未指定的奉献)

If a gift is not designated for specific use, the Regional Director will determine how the money will be allocated based on current needs.

Overall Ministry Cost 整体事工之费用成本

About 55% of all the expenses are met through the generous donations of supporters and churches, and other forms of income. The remaining 45% is contributed by missionaries as part of their support to SIM.
大约百分之五十五的费用是通过支持者和教会的奉献及其他收入来支付;剩余的百分之四十五则是由宣教士作为一种对 SIM 的支持所作出的奉献。

Every donation help us to fulfil the mission and vision God has given to us, to reach the many who are living and dying without Christ in communities where He is least known.