Support Financially

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Your support enables us to mobilise, recruit and send out ministry teams to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ in communities where He is least known.

SIM East Asia praises God for our financial partners in God’s mission. Their prayers and generous gifts and contributions help us to fulfil the mission and vision God has given to us, to reach the many who are living and dying without Christ in communities where He is least known.

As stewards of God’s resources, we will carefully and ethically handle the gifts entrusted to us by maintaining appropriate systems of accountability and transparency. Our accounts are audited by external and SIM International auditors.

You can donate to:

  • Admin and Support Services
  • Individual missionaries
  • Projects


         SIM 东亚区感谢神赐给我们许多同走宣教路的财务支持伙伴;您们的祷告和慷慨的奉献,帮助我们完成神所托付的使命和异象,有机会去到极少听闻福音的地方,传福音给许多不认识耶稣的人。

         作为上帝的管家,我们谨慎并合理地使用资源,维持良好的问责系统并财务的透明化,以回馈奉献者的支持。我们的帐目是由合格的审核师及国际 SIM 的审计师审查。

          您可以奉献给 :

  • 行政及支持服务费
  • 个别宣教士
  • 事工项目